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200-Hour TTC

A foundational teacher training corse that kickstarts world-class careers in yoga instruction.

Commencing fro February 19th, 2024.

INR 72000 / USD 1000

+ GST (18%)

In line with the 200-hour Yoga Alliance syllabus, the aim of this course is to guide yoga enthusiasts, practitioners, and teachers to transform into excellent Yoga Educators. The course aims to empower those who want to extend a circle of wellness outwards with a firm foundation of Yoga and Naturopathy.

The Program



Program Approach

  • The course enriches an understanding of not only yoga practice, but also theoretical knowledge and the philosophy that drives it

  • The program is broken into the following 4 subjects: anatomy and physiology, yoga as philosophy, nutrition, and physical practise

  • The program serves as a foundational course that will provide people from all walks of life with sufficient knowledge and confidence to be able to teach yoga as a professional

  • Post the completion of the course, all participants are given an opportunity to assist senior Shammi’s Yogalaya yoga coaches and take independent group sessions in order to learn how to teach in a practical setting

  • A final exam held one month after the course completion assesses all participants based on the subjects that were taught during the program


Program Benefits

  • An internationally-valid certificate accredited by the Yoga Alliance Foundation after successfully passing the final exam, which enables you to teach yoga as a professional all over the world

  • Access to exclusive course materials and videos created by the course coaches which studies yoga from different perspectives

  • Understanding and practising with various yoga products in different ways to maximise their utility

  • Enhancing knowledge and skill in handling a wide variety of health complications

  • The course does not require prior formal training in yoga


Date: February 19th, 2024


Time: 6:00-7:00 pm IST, from Monday-Friday.

Format: Online/ Offline /Recordings available on request

Price: INR 72000 / USD 1000 + GST (18%)



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