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100-Hour TTC

A beginner's teacher training course that acts as an introduction to yogic philosophy, Sattvic Ahar, physiology and anatomy.

Commencing fro January 23rd, 2023.

INR 38000 / USD 550

+ GST (18%)

About the Program

This program is geared towards giving all participants an introduction to teaching yoga. Crafted specially for beginners, the course is open for all those who want to learn more about yoga or want to refresh their knowledge as a teacher. It is the first stepping stone towards becoming a world-class Yoga Educator.


Program Approach

The course enriches an understanding of not only yoga practise, but also theoretical knowledge and the philosophy that drives it

The program is broken into the following 4 subjects: anatomy and physiology, yoga as philosophy, nutrition, and physical practise

The program serves as a beginner’s course for becoming a Yoga Teacher and conceptually covers all basics of Yoga study and practise

A final exam held after the course completion assesses all participants based on the subjects that were taught during the program


Program Benefits

A certificate from Shammi’s Yogalaya provided after you pass the final exam

Access to exclusive course materials and videos created by the course coaches which studies yoga from different perspectives

Understanding and practicing with various yoga products in different ways to maximize their utility

The course does not require prior formal training in yoga


Schedule Details

The next edition of 100-hour Teacher’s Training Course will commence on January 21st, 2023.

Timings: 2-6pm on Saturdays and 10-2pm on Sundays

The program will be conducted offline

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