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Sculpted You

A holistic 21 day wellness program that transforms life on both a physical and mental level through yoga

Commencing from January 8th, 2024.

INR 25000 / USD 400

+ GST (18%)

Sculpted You is the signature capsule at Shammi’s Yogalaya, known for its transformational journey. A 21-day meticulously-designed comprehensive program, its unique design has been instrumental in transforming lives on a physical, physiological, mental & emotional level. This program paves your way towards self-discovery and transformation from the inside out.

The Program



Program Approach

  • The program begins with a multi-dimensional health assessment, which gives us an idea of your current state of wellbeing including your current fitness level, your mental and physical health, lifestyle management, and a lot more. This allows the program to be catered to your personalized needs and serves as a benchmark for your progress through the program.

  • This program applies the yoga concepts of cleansing and nourishing. Traditional yoga kriyas are used to cleans different organs of the body of impurities and accumulated toxins.

  • Your health is built step by step in the program through intricate alignment of the three aspects of life: Ahar (nutrition), Vihar (lifestyle), and Nidra (sleep). An optimal balance among these three aspects of life is crucial for wholesome well-being. Each process is practiced, monitored, followed, assessed & re-assessed.

  • Sessions within the program include combinations of Kriyas, Asanas & Pranayamas. The practice will start on a slow note which gradually increases in intensity geared towards strength, endurance and flexibility.

  • Your sleep patterns will be monitored to watch the quality of sleep. You will need a smartwatch to keep track of your sleep pattern for in the beginning and towards the end of the program.

  • Concepts from Naturopathy and Hydrotherapy are also used extensively throughout the program.


Program Benefits

  • Creates holistic habitual patterns of good eating habits, regular yoga practice, better sleep patterns and thought processes, emotional self-care to support well-being and joyful living.

  • Weight-loss and inch-loss are common by-products of the program.

  • Eliminates common psycho-somatic issues such acidity, migraines, indigestion, etc.

  • The other benefits which are tangibly seen are enhanced Alkalinity hence complete elimination of Acidity, better thyroid secretion, amazing results in case of PCOS, improved Diabetes 2, improved Sleep Quality and much more

  • Alleviates suffering from Diabetes, Obesity, Insomnia, Blood Pressure Fluctuation, PCOS, and Ulcers.

  • Helps individuals emerge as strong, flexible, agile, and alert human beings on a physical as well as mental plane.

  • In addition to the benefits of the program, Shammi’s Yogalaya will provide a personalized one month regime to cater to your specific needs, post the conclusion of Sculpted You.

Not suited for_icon

Not recommended for

  • People with joint problems or arthritis

  • Heart patients

  • Pregnant people


Date: January 8th, 2024


Time: To be announced

Format: Online/ Offline /Recordings available on request

Price: INR 25000 / USD 400 + GST (18%)



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