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Lean is in

A high intensity 21 day program focused on building lean muscles and stamina through yoga and nutrition.

Commencing from March 16th, 2023.

INR 21000 / USD 285

+ GST (18%)

About the Program

Lean Is In is a crisp, meticulously designed 21-day program with a distinct focus on building and defining lean muscles through yoga. In its first edition, the program will include both strength and stamina-building exercises as well as a sharp focus on nutrition that caters to enhancing athleticism. This program is a high-intensity regime targeted towards enhancing physical power.


Program Approach

The program begins with various health assessments, focusing mainly on your current fitness level, diet, and quality of sleep. This allows the program to be catered to your personalized needs and serves as a benchmark for your progress through the program.

Lean Is In is an extremely practise-oriented program. Its focus on asanas, pranayama, and cleansing is curated to work on different parts of your body, to make you stronger and fitter.

Your sleep patterns will be monitored to watch the quality of sleep. You will need a smart watch to keep track of your sleep pattern for in the beginning and towards the end of the program.

The program also focuses on building endurance for exercise and allowing the body to be pushed.


Program Benefits

Enhances muscle strength and definition through regular yoga exercises as well as a protein-rich diet.

Helps instituting a habit for regular exercise and enhances endurance towards intense workouts

Good for diabetic patients

Strengthens weak muscles and prevent muscle atrophy in aging people. This subsequently helps generate vigour and start a self-sustaining anti-aging process for the body

Prevents balancing problems by targeting specific muscle groups through both strength and flexibility-based exercises


A post-program assessment that marks your progress and growth in your muscle strength and definition

In addition to the benefits of the program, Shammi’s Yogalaya will provide a personalized one month regime to cater to your specific needs, post the conclusion of Sculpted You.

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Not Reccomended For

People with joint problems or arthritis.

Heart patients

Pregnant people


Schedule Details

The inaugural edition of Lean Is In will commence on March 16th, 2023.

Timing: 7-8 pm IST, from Monday-Friday.

The program will be conducted offline

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