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9th 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher’s Training Course

This online 200 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher’s Training program has been organized by Shammi’s Yogalaya, Mumbai, India in association with Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance Certification is a Global Certification and is recognized all over the World. The aim of this course is to guide yoga enthusiasts / practitioners and teachers to transform them into excellent Yoga Educationists with firm foundation, so that, they can transfer their passion for Yoga to this World, not to mention that their own health and the health of their family would always be in the pink. Four Segments to be covered

  1. Yoga Philosophy

  2. Anatomy Physiology & Kinesiology

  3. Nutrition & Naturopathy Based

  4. Practical – Hatha Flow, Iyengar StyleThe Teachers The teachers are well experienced and expert in the field of their subject. They have been teaching Yoga and subjects in their field, in its diversity, to touch upon various aspects of life and have had positive outcomes. Dates The tentative start date of the course is November 06, 2020, wherein, we will have regular classes for 5 weeks. The course is expected to get over by mid December  2020. There would be a break of approximately 2 weeks before the exam. During this break, one is asked to be a part of regular classes as Shammi’s Yogalaya to assist senior teachers. However, due to online nature of this course, they would join the regular online batches for their online practice. The class would start at 7 am or 8.30 am on different days and will get over by 1 pm. The classes would run from Monday to Friday. Weekend would be off. Passing percentage:

Yoga Philosophy:  70%     Hatha Yoga:  70%     Nutrition: 70%     Anatomy:  60%After the Course You would be provided an opportunity to assist and conduct classes for one month at Shammi’s Yogalaya. We will try and place you for teacher’s position after the course depending on your expertise and demand in your area. Venue Powai, Chandivali, Mumbai Contact Website: Contact: Cell: +91 9821775525

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