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A Life Transformed..…Beena is off her Diabetes & BP Medication (PART-I)

“Your health is in your own hands” – this was the opening statement by Mrs.Beena Puri, a Panelist during ‘The Powai Yogafest, Mumbai, India, June, 2015’. Impressive statement - Isn’t it? The depth of this statement, however, has the essence of ‘A Life Transforming Story’ of Beena. Mrs. Beena Puri had been on BP medication for over 14 years and on diabetes medication for the last one year when she joined Shammi’s Yogalaya. Sr.No.TestsAugust 2014Current1Fasting365Normal2PP485Normal3Hbalc12.65.8She is off her diabetes and BP medication from last 3 months. Those who are familiar with these numbers can relate to and comprehend the intensity of the problem. Her newly developed diabetes resulted in severe Ear Infection, Urinary Tract Infection and Blurred Vision. The problem became so severe and serious that she was in unbearable pain at times and incapable of getting off the bed as others. In Beena’s own words…..

Quote…. I was a 49 year woman in the menopausal phase of life. Therefore, despite leading a healthy lifestyle, I was dogged by ailments like mood swings, hot flushes and unexpected weight gain. A family history of heart problems and diabetes had me on an alert. It was a trip to the States last year that proved to the trigger. I found it very difficult to procure nutritious vegetarian fare and was forced to survive on sandwiches, milkshakes, fruits and salads that too consumed at erratic schedules. I found that this, next to non-existent work out and inconsistent eating habits had resulted in my worst nightmare coming true. I had become a diabetic!! This count left me in a state of shock. Dr.Gaurang Desai, my General Physician was prescribed medicines such as Janumet, Cetapin and Amryll. And, I started my presumably lifelong journey of controlling and living with my blood sugar. I was well aware that I needed a lifestyle change and not just a temporary fix. It was suggested, that I take up yoga with Shammi’s Yogalaya. Shammi designed my workout incorporating specific asanas and a 30 minute walk twice a day. She also helped me in gaining knowledge about diabetes as a whole, at a seminar, conducted by her together with a panel of doctors and nutritionists. This gave me an in-depth knowledge of this disease and also the ways of dealing with it. At present, I find myself following the ideals set by my doctor and by Shammi, including ‘Right Eating’ with adherence to specific meal timings, and consistent workouts. This has helped me make ‘My Health My Priority’. Currently, my blood sugar levels are normal and I am off my medications not just my diabetes medications but also my BP. Unquote…. According to Dr.Gaurang Desai, Family Physician, Powai, Mumbai A good and healthy lifestyle is the Base of Diabetes Management, which is difficult for many people to initiate and even more difficult to sustain. Mrs.Beena Puri has been able to sustain it for over 2 years now. She went about it in a slow and sustainable way with regulated diet, physical activity and most importantly, a positive attitude. She did not resist medication when needed nor get depressed during the process. I wish her all the best for her future. Diabetes – Type 2 Beena had developed type 2 diabetes (insulin is produced but is ineffective at controlling blood glucose) due to the presence of the primary risk factors - age, family history (her mom is diabetic), ethnicity (Asians are more prone), high blood pressure (she had it from last 14 years), high fat diet and almost no physical activity (during her USA visit). *Other primary risk factors responsible for type 2 diabetes, are obesity, high alcohol intake, high blood triglycerides and gestational diabetes or giving birth to a baby weighing more than 9 lb and a sedentary lifestyle. With her sheer determination and consistency, she brought about a transformation in her life. Beena’s story and many such stories are proof that a Holistic Life Attitude has the potential of allowing us to live a “Diabetes Free Life”. Check out my next blog, “Life is Sweet, Don’t let Diabetes Sour It” for the precise things, which can help you keep this problem in control and also at bay. You can also check for the series of asana on diabetes. You can also ask questions directly to Shammi.

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