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Dry fruits and Nuts – Aren’t they the same?……. By Rajshree Dave

“The dry fruit box” that we gift during festivals will typically contain some almonds (badam) anjeer (figs), cashews (kaju), jardalu (dried apricots), pistachios (pista), raisins (kishmish) walnuts (akhrot) etc. Traditionally, we have always used the “Dry fruits or Sukha Meva” to describe all of the above. But do you know all of them are not dry fruits. They are two separate food groups, as there is a technical difference. First let’s look at the similarities

  1. Both dry fruits and nuts are natural, wholesome, nutrient rich food that can be consumed raw, roasted, soaked or as garnish in many of the dishes.

  2. Both have an exotic, expensive and somewhat glamorous perception about them, which is why gifting dry fruits/ nuts OR dry fruits/nuts based sweets is considered a bit more prestigious than your regular mithai.

  3. Both are also considered to be “healthy” and often seen as a healthier snack. That is as far as the similarity goes. Now let’s understand the difference.

  4. Dry fruits are “dried” fruits, that were juicy, full of water content and are now dehydrated through sun drying. Dates (Khajoor), Apricots (Jardalu), Raisins (Kismis/Munnaka), Figs (Anjeer), Prunes etc are all dry fruits. Dry fruits are typically sweet, nutrient dense and an ideal source of Carbohydrate that provide Energy to the body.

  5. Nuts are thick shelled fruits of trees, uncontaminated within their protective shell. Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Peanuts and even Coconut are all Nuts. Nuts are rich in source of high quality, protein & healthy fat, which provides the vital material to build and repair cells, tissues, muscles and nerves. Nuts strengthen the functioning of nerve endings, which enhances brain function of cognition, learning, memory and healing ability. So now we know why our parents and grandparents encouraged us to have almonds and walnuts to sharpen our brain. To conclude:

  6. Dry fruits are your energy shots

  7. Nut power packs a punch.

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Rajshree Dave, Health & Wellness Coach Rajshree Dave Ghildiyal is a Health and Wellness Coach, who believe in the infinite wisdom of the body and its capacity to keep us in optimum health. She advocates the principles of integrative nutrition and living in harmony with the natural laws to enable good health to emerge from within. A student of Yoga for last 9 years, she has experienced its transformation effects on her health and well-being. She shares her experience to help others reach their own wellness goals through her Health counselling workshops and individual coaching sessions. She empowers people to take charge of their own health by tuning into the wisdom of their own bodies and harnessing the role of food as the right fuel to reclaim health and restore mind body balance.

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