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Ease Breathlessness during Pregnancy with Yoga

Shortness of breath or breathlessness (towards the end of pregnancy or while lying down) is common during the last trimester. One reason, definitely, is ‘the changing body structure’ but the other invisible reason is the hormonal changes which leads to ‘mood swings’ and gets directly manifested into your breathing pattern. Nadi Shodhan Kriya or Alternate Nostril Breathing can help control this to a great extent. The main purpose of performing Nadi Shodhan Kriya is to cleanse the ‘Imaginary channel’ in the body along with the nasal passage so that the prana can flow flawlessly and keep the bodily functions at its optimal. Also, it balances the Suryanadi and Chandranadi. As a by product of this practice, High Blood Pressure, which is common during pregnancy for many, comes under control. However, the subtlest aspect of this practice is consistency in ‘Breathing Rhythm’ and its positive impact on the mind. As a result, stress, anxiety, depression, inferiority complex – common occurrences during pregnancy can be easily brought under control. And this beautiful phase of a woman’s life can further be beautified with ‘Positivity’. Some Important Guidelines while performing Nadi Shodhan Kriya

  1. Make sure to perform within capacity, while being in your comfort zone. Enjoy your breath to the fullest

  2. Strictly, no breath retention or holding of breath

  3. Start with 3-5 rounds and gradually add on to the number Enjoy every second of your pregnancy with a calm and aware mind, as this is just one of those few rare experiences YOU, as a woman, will get a chance to appreciate and relish. Checkout my Yoga Videos on YouTube (Shammi's Yogalaya)

Discover Yoga Discover YourselfFor any query, write to “Contact” on

Shammi Gupta, founder of Shammi’s Yogalaya holds an MA in Yoga Shastra, is a certified Yogic Therapist and Naturopath, has completed an Advanced Yoga Course and holds a Diploma in Yoga Education from Mumbai University. She is a certified trainer from American College of Sports Medicine and holds an MBA in HR & MBA in Finance from The University of Akron, Ohio, USA. She conducts Health Awareness Workshops for Corporate, Yogasana Workshops for Athletes and Yoga Therapy Workshops on different medical issues for patients. Among the celebrities Shammi trains are eminent personalities from the film and television industry and corporate world.

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