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JalNeti...A Miraculous Solution to your Respiratory Problems

Whether you are suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Sinus, Migraine, Sleep Apnea, Functional Cold & Cough, Allergy or any such respiratory problems, performing regular Jalneti (if done correctly) can bring about miraculous results.

Cleansing & Nourishing Secret of a Healthy Body & Mind……… The ancient Yoga manuscripts approach the human body from two different perspectives: Cleansing & Nourishing. The organs like the kidneys, the lungs, the bowels etc. are continuously involved in the cleansing process thereby, ensuring its optimal functionality. Without this process, the body remains undernourished and sluggish. Working on a weak foundation, we can only have a weak outcome.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the ancient book on Yoga talks about six kriyas with subdivisions in some of them. Each of these kriyas works on cleansing a particular system of the human body. In this blog, our focus is on one of the subdivisions of Neti – Jal Neti. “Jala” means water as the medium. “Neti” means transportation or to conduct. “Jalaneti” means to carry out the cleansing of Surya (right nostril) and Chandra (left nostril) nadis by using lukewarm salted water.

These Kriyas (the cleansing process), called Shatkarmas in Yoga, are designed to keep our systems rejuvenated, healthy and hearty. These are greatly valuable in healing internal disorders and are used widely as a part of Yoga Therapy. Benefits One Stop Respiratory Solution

  1. Best method of preventing and eliminating functional cold & cough. It is effective in curing headache, insomnia and tiredness as well.

  2. People with chronic sinus had been able to benefit immensely with regular practice of Jalneti.

  3. Refreshes the nerve ends in the internal mucous membranes of the nose. This has a very soothing effect on the brain and can help relieve ailments like migraine, depression etc.

  4. Increases the resistance capacity of the nasal mucous membranes.

  5. Prevents and controls bronchitis, asthma, short breath etc.

  6. We all know for sure that improved respiration helps in improved intake of oxygen and better elimination of carbon dioxide. ENT

  7. Eye problems such as watering of the eyes, burning sensation, reddening of the eyes etc. can be controlled to a great extent. Must for those who are continuously exposed to the screen whether phone, television or computer.

  8. Health of the ears, eyes and throat is improved. Is helpful during throat infection as well.

  9. Prevents problems of the nasal passage such as polypus, growth of the nasal bone and septum deviation. Chakra

  10. Stimulates nerve endings, in the nose, which improves the organs connected with the endings and the brain. It also helps stimulate Ajna chakra, located in between the eyebrows. Runners/Cyclists/Outdoor Sports

  11. There has been a booming increase in the number of runners and cyclists around the city. They are exposed to polluted air much more than the general public, without being aware of the fact. This is because of the elevated levels of pollutants like construction pollutants, vehicular pollutants etc.

  12. Yogic science emphasizes on breathing through the nose instead of the mouth. There is logic to this. Air passes through three layers of filtration while breathing through the nose, ensuring that it reaches lungs in a more purified form. Breathing through the mouth fails to do filtration at such an advance level and may cause damage to lungs.

  13. Regular Jalneti practice will keep your nasal passage clear. It can optimize one’s VO2, running efficiency and the person will not fall easy prey to different allergies.


  1. Salt Water –Filtered pure lukewarm salt water is to be used. The water temperature should be at least the same temperature as the body. One tea spoon salt should be mixed with half a liter of water. Sa

lt should be completely dissolved in the water

  1. A Neti Pot (to be sterilized before use) – Available in medical shops and Yoga Centers in plastic, ceramic, brass, steel etc. A Jalneti pot may typically look like one of these ….

Frequency & Timing

  1. Performance of one round of Jalneti every day is enough. Can be performed in the morning as well as in the evening, preferably on an empty stomach, and definitely not after a heavy meal.


  1. Fit the nozzle into your right nostril and tilt your head to the left as if you are trying to get your left ear towards the left shoulder; chin slightly in; open your mouth; lean forward with the upper body over the sink; breathe softly from your mouth and not from the nose, so that, the water flows in through the right nostril and flows out of the left nostril. Check detailed description with pictures.

Drying up the nostril The most critical part of Jalneti or it can have a reverse effect.

  1. Most classical Yoga texts prescribe kapalbhati after Jalneti. But, in most cases, water remains in the crevices even after kapalbhati.

  2. Shwasan Margi Shuddi is another great way of removing the water from the nostril.

  3. One of the most effective ways of draining every single drop of water is to perform Adhomukha Svanasana (Dog Pose) immediately after Kapalbhati, for few seconds, and then gradually move in to Sashankasana (childpose). Continue to do a few rounds of this. Next, hold Adhomukha Svanasana (dog pose) and perform a few rounds of kapalbhati in that posture. This will help dislodge any residual water that was retained by the cavities in the nose.

Common ComplaintsPain & Burning Sensation – There are times one might feel pain or burning sensation during Jalneti. Please adjust the quantity of salt in the water. Too little salt will create pain and too much salt will create burning. Increase in the problem – Many practitioners who have done jalneti in the past have had a bad experience with the process. They had not only felt uncomfortable after performing Jalneti but also felt that the problem got further aggravated. The only reason to cause this is: they did not dry up the nasal passage and mucous region properly after performing Jalneti. This counteracted instead resolving the problem. Hence, it is a must to dry up the concerned region immediately after Jalneti.


  1. Persons with completely blocked nostrils should avoid this kriya. One should not use salt if it contraindicated.

  2. One with chronic nose bleeding should avoid this.

  3. If sinuses are blocked with mucus, be careful not to blow your nose too hard. The mucus may get pushed further into the cavities.

  4. One should not lie down for upto an hour and half after performing Jalneti You can check the Jalneti video on this link  Just in case, you are not able to get a neti pot (available with me in case you want to pick one up), you can practice Vyut Krama . Vyut Krama can be done with a glass or cup of lukewarm salted water and has all the benefits of Jalneti. Performing Jalneti as well as Vyut Krama will multiply the benefits. You can check many more details on my website shoot your questions, if any, in the section “Ask Shammi” Disclaimer: In case of any medical problem/s, please consult a doctor as well as a Yoga expert. Shammi’s Yogalaya should not be held responsible for negative consequences.

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