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Life is Sweet: Don’t Let Diabetes Sour It....Beena is off her Diabetes & BP Medication (PART-II)

What exactly did Beena do to kick high BP & Diabetes out of her life? She became aware and conscientious; she followed the right guidance; her execution was timely and methodical; the last but not the least, she has been CONSISTENT since. Today, she has a tale to tell. Till a few years ago, diabetes was considered to be an old age related problem. Today, it’s spreading like an epidemic. In fact, it is alarmingly high among growing children too. One of the major contributors to this drastic rise is the sea of change in our lifestyle.

“Lifestyle change is the most powerful but unused treatment for type 2 diabetes” says, Dr.Roshani Sanghani, Consultant Endocrinologist at Hinduja Hospital.Diabetic Related Complications

Not all causes of diabetes are within our control. But for almost everything else (lifestyle related), we can have complete control by working on the source of the problem. If you are still in a casual thinking mode with this ailment, think twice.


The threat is not of the disease itself but the multiple complications which accompany it, which could have a life threatening effect. These complications can take a heavy toll on our emotional, social & psychological self. Not only that, we probably skip another facet of our life, where our suffering is no more confined to just ourselves but also extends to our family members who continue to remain a spectator as well as a silent sufferer most of the time.Yoga plays its Multi-Dimensional Role I am sure the above heading is not news to you. Yoga, adopted in its totality, has brought tangible and positive changes in numerous cases. Beena’s case is just one of such examples. In fact, any form of exercise, with right diet, can get the situation under control, but, adopting a holistic approach will bring you an integrated experience. I am listing the regime, which when followed religiously, is bound to show great results.

  1. Just a 30 minutes brisk walk twice a day will keep your diabetes away: Depending on your current level of fitness, you can start with a 5-10 minutes brisk walk and gradually build up to 40-50 minutes per day. Follow this regime at least thrice a week.

  2. Suryanamaskar - Dynamically stimulate your body to get the energy of Sun: Suryanamaskar is a well-coordinated dynamic movement with symmetrical, asymmetrical postures, forward bending, backward bending, eccentric, concentric movement etc. It works on each and every part of your body, muscles, joints and glands. Performing Suryanamaskar alone, on a regular basis, will develop your body and mind dynamically and at the same time keep you active and agile.

  3. Cleanse your body as you clean a conch: Shankhaprakshalana is one of the most recommended cleansing kriyas for people with diabetes. In Shankhaprakshalana, water is taken in from the mouth, it reaches the stomach through the throat, from the stomach to the small intestine, from the small intestine to the large intestine and finally out of the anus. This process replicates the cleansing of a conch and thus is named Shankhaprakshalana. Avoid doing it in case of high BP.

  4. Mental Stress increases blood glucose level, Physical Exercise reduces it: Stress increases blood glucose in diabetic as well as a non-diabetic person. But diabetics find it difficult to handle this instant insulin demand. As a result, glucose level remains high, in the blood, leading host of other problems. Asana and Pranayama are the weapons to counteract these effects.

Asanas recommended for diabetes NameFrequencyContra-indicationsBenefitsMarjarasana with abdominal strokes (you are doing kapalbhati in Marjarasana)10 rounds

Avoid in case of severe back problem or neck problem

Stimulates pancreas & liver; makes your spine supple; helps deal with back problem; cleanses the nasal passageArdhamatsyendrasanaPerform twice Hold for 30 seconds each with normal breathing

Increases blood flow to the abdominal region by massaging pancreas, liver and spleen, kidney, ascending and descending colons.Dhanurasana2 to 3 times Hold for 10-20 seconds eachAvoid in case of hernia, severe back pain, neck painSame as above


There are many other postures which can be performed to get the optimal benefits. You can check the list of the asanas for diabetes here….


Nadhi Sodhan Kriya /Alternate Nostril Breathing

This simple alternate nostril breathing, if done correctly, can calm your brain nerves and help deal with any kind of stress in the most efficient way (stress is one of key factors in diabetes). 5. Mudra The word ‘mudra’ is generally translated as gesture or attitude and was realized by ancient yogis in a state of deep meditation. In Yoga and Tantra, mudras are used to affect the energy flow within the body. As per our Mudra Expert, Manju (Maya) Dwajan, regular practice of these mudras among her diabetic students (along with other variables) have shown great results: MudraApanaPranaGyanDescriptionTip of the thumb, the middle & the ring fingers placed togetherTip of the thumb, the ring & the little fingers placed togetherTip of the thumb & the index finger placed togetherHolding Time10 minutes eachPicture

BenefitsHelps in elimination of toxins – both at physical and mental levelsEnhances the blood circulation, energy and vitalityBrings the balance and stability at the mental level and reduces the stress, which is the bedrock of all diseasesSequence of Apana, Prana & Gyana Mudra combined with other yogic practice is very helpful in controlling and maintaining the blood sugar levels. These three mudras need to be performed in the same sequence for 10 minutes each trice a day. If trice a day is not possible, definitely twice a day to see a positive impact.What goes into your mouth? One of the most critical aspects of this problem demands a regimented control of what goes into your mouth. You will need to follow the advice of your doctor or dietician in this regard (diet plan is out of scope of this blog hence not detailing that). Take a Holistic Route Eventually, it is an integrated approach that will bring sustainability. Every single step can be a great contributor to the success of the journey. Consistency is the Key. You need to be consistent and unfailingly regular with:

  1. Meal timings

  2. Amount and type of food

  3. Time of Medication

  4. Physical Activity

  5. Mental Relaxation

  6. Adequate sleepAvoid Late night exercises may cause low blood glucose during sleep (nocturnal hypoglycemia) leading to some of the life threatening situations. Avoid exercise at night. American College of Sports Medicine Recommends

  7. Minimum 150 minutes workout per week

  8. Perform moderate intensity physical activity - 300 minutes per week to get general benefits

  9. Burn 2000 kcal per week or more - Weight LossDisclaimer These are recommended on a general basis. If you have any other medical condition along with this or any other problems, please consult a doctor and then a yoga expert before starting the regime. Please feel free to shoot your yoga related questions to  You can also ask questions directly to Shammi.

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