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Sculpted YOU -X (online)

Sculpted YOU -X (online)

We do INNER Sculpting, Outer SCULPTING comes as Byproduct

Twenty-One Days of Holistic Transformation Sculpted You, our signature capsule at Shammi’s Yogalaya, is a 21-days meticulously designed wholesome program. Its unique design has been instrumental in transforming life on Physical, Physiological, Mental & Emotional Level, paving your way towards Self-discovery and Self-exploration. The program starts with a thorough analysis of your current Physical & Mental Health, Nutritional Intake, Emotional Stability, Medical History etc. basis the answers given by you in the questionnaires specifically designed for this purpose. The tools applied during the program are predominantly YOG, Naturopathy, Hydrotherapy and other components of Natural Living. The purpose is to identify harmful habitual patterns in your life. Our ideology is to guide you on reforming, re-furbishing and building positive habitual living patterns through the application of the aforementioned principles / doctrines. Our Approach to your TRANSFORMATION….. Pre-Health Assessment

Once you register for the program, you will be sent a Pre-Health Assessment form, which you will need to fill up and return to us before the program commences. This will give us an idea about your current state of wellness and help us guide you in a personalized manner. Cleansing

Yoga approaches Wellness from two perspectives: Cleansing & Nourishing. We will apply the same concepts in this program. Before we begin to nourish the body, it is important to cleanse it of its impurities. Hence cleansing different organs of the body would be an integral part of the program.Building

Like a house is built brick by brick, we build your health step by step using three segments:

Balance among these three aspects of life is crucial for wholesome Well-being. We work intricately to align these aspects and bring about the ‘Right Balance’. Each process is practiced, monitored, followed, assessed & re-assessed. One on One Counselling

You will have one on one counselling with the expert who would listen to your concerns and custom design a program for you specifically, which you can follow post the program.Program Practice

  1. The Sculpted You Xcommences tentatively on June 1, 2021 with orientation on day one.

  2. As this is an online program, we will have the practical sessions on Zoom, Monday to Saturday 6-7.15 pm IST. The practice session would be combinations of Kriyas, Asanas & Pranayamas. The practice will start on a slow note and gradually, we will start building up on the intensity from the perspective of Strength, Endurance & Flexibility on physical as well as physiological level.

  3. We will have an assessment half way through the program and tentatively intend to conclude the entire program by 26th June ,2021 with a final assessment.

  4. Your sleep pattern would be monitored to watch the quality of sleep.

  5. Your eating pattern would be tracked along with your emotional feelings associated with the intake of foods.

  6. We also have a lot of naturopathy applications along with hydrotherapy which you would be guided to practice on a regular basis.

Who cannot do this…

  1. Anyone with any kind of joint problems

  2. Anyone with any kind of severe heart problem

  3. Pregnant womanYour Take Away …….

All our previous students had been able to embark on a disciplined journey of life. The habitual pattern, in terms of their eating habits, yoga practice, sleep pattern, thought process, emotional well-being etc. evolved and resulted in emergence of a strong, flexible, agile, alert human being on physical as well as mental level.

As a byproduct of this regulated program, there was weight-loss, inch-loss, elimination of the regular psycho-somatic issues (acidity, migraine, indigestion etc.), major improvement among hypothyroid patients. People suffering from diabetes, obesity, insomnia, blood pressure etc. too enjoyed the multiple benefits of this wholesome program.

On top of these benefits, as an added bonus, to help you maintain your regime, you will be given a Personalized Three Months Program to practice after the conclusion of Sculpted You XStill in doubt?

Rs. 25000 / $ 400

Payment Information:


Bank Name: HDFC BANK

Account Number: 50200006715186

IFSC Code: HDFC0000239Contact Information

Phone: +91 982 177 5525


Please note this program is based totally on components of Yog, Naturopathy and Natural Living. Its purpose is to lead you into the journey of Independent, Disease-Free, Medical-Free, Immunity Strong & Wholesome Living.

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