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The Lemon Shots: ABC of Health (Part-II) ……. By Rajshree Dave

So, what is a Lemon Shot? Lemon shot is a highly concentrated lemon extraction with minimum dilution. You take 1 : 1 ratio of lemon juice to water, like a shot. Remember, a lemon shot is not our regular Nimbu paani or Lemon water, which is much diluted. A. When can one have a Lemon shot ? What is the best way? Ideally, post a meal within 15 mins, especially if you have had a heavy meal full of fried, processed or junk foods, animal based food, or dairy. Try to have lemon shot is fresh, immediately after extracting the juice. You can also sprinkle your salads and other foods generously with Lemon juice while eating. Other times when a lemon shot is most recommended is when you feel highly stressed; have a headache, when under emotional tension or when you are exposed to highly polluted environment. B. Isn't Lemon highly acidic? Will it not cause more acidity? This is a most common concern. Yes, lemons are chemically acidic, but they have a high mineral content and very low sugar. When consumed, this high mineral low sugar combination allows the lemon shot to release availability of oxygen, which when utilized by the body, creates an alkalizing effect on the body. In effect Lemon shots are balancing agents that help balance our body from within in our stressful lifestyles and external environment. Lemon shots per se will not cause acidity. If you experience acidity on consuming a lemon shot, please know that it is the internal body environment which is highly acidic due to chronic acidity and it will take some time and patience to relieve the body of chronic acidity. In such cases, to increase the alkalinity of your body, you are recommended to eat more raw foods, because only raw foods have the power to balance chronic acidic conditions.

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Rajshree Dave, Health & Wellness Coach Rajshree Dave Ghildiyal is a Health and Wellness Coach, who believe in the infinite wisdom of the body and its capacity to keep on in optimum health. She advocates the principles of integrative nutrition and living in harmony with the natural laws to enable good health to emerge from within. A student of Yoga for last 7 years, she has experienced its transformative effects on her health and well-being. She shares her experience to help others reach their own wellness goals through her Health counselling workshops. She empowers people to take charge of their own health by tuning into the wisdom of their own bodies and harnessing the role of food as the right fuel to reclaim health and restore mind body balance.

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