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Jal Neeti Pot
  • Jal Neeti Pot

    Introducing our Handmade Ceramic Neti Pot – Natural Way to Respiratory Health

    A traditional wellness tool crafted with care by skilled artisans from the villages of India. More than just a beautiful accessory, our eco-friendly Neti Pot combines timeless craftsmanship with modern functionality to bring you a holistic solution for respiratory health.


    This pot involves pouring salt water into one nostril and expelling it through the other. This cleansing process allows you to breathe deeply and freely, facilitating the optimal exchange of CO2 and oxygen, while clearing mucus, toxins, and dirt. This helps maintain an alkaline body and mind.

    • Experience the centuries-old ancient process that effectively prevents and alleviates respiratory tract diseases. This holistic practice has shown significant relief in conditions such as:

      • Nasal Congestion

      • Functional Cold & Cough

      • Sinusitis

      • Sleep Apnea

      • Snoring

      • Asthma

      • Bronchitis

      • Pneumonia

      • Allergies

      • Headaches

      • Kapha-related ailments

      • Immunity Building

      • Insomnia

      • Tonsillitis

      • Allergic rhinitis

      • Hay fever

      Additionally, it offers:

      • Calming effects on the nervous system

      • Reduced risk of tinnitus and middle ear infections

      • Clearing of eye ducts and improved vision

      • Support for diseases of the eyes, nose, and throat

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