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Shammis Yogalaya


Learn more about the principles that drive Shammi’s Yogalaya, what our long-term aims are, and how we intend to achieve those goals.



  • To guide people on their journey towards self-actualization, thereby embracing life with the best of who they are.

  • Shammi’s Yogalaya envisions a mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy way of life for a sampoorna or complete life.




  • To practice yoga and holistic health and wellness practices and create an ever-increasing community of guides equally experienced and committed towards increasing awareness and practice of yoga & holistic health principles across all strata of society.

Aims and Objectives


Making yoga and its principles an integral part of everyday life.

  • From a practice to the anchoring philosophy in life, we believe yoga can play a much larger and meaningful role in everyone’s life. To that end, we work towards propagating its principles in schools & colleges, corporate houses, hospitals, and sport centers as an alternative healing practice

Research and awareness

  • Conducting research on topics such as wellness, disease, lifestyle, and nutrition is one of Shammi’s yogalaya’s long term goals. Our regular blogs, social media posts and youtube videos make this information easily accessible and comprehensible to the public.

To promote ‘Sattvic Ahaar’ 

  • Satvic Ahaar refers to a  clean and nutritious diet that promotes vitality and is one of the foundational pillars for a Satvic lifestyle. Working through the concept of Mitahar or balanced diet, Shammi’s Yogalaya seeks to educate people  on the characteristics of food, its effect on our mind and body and its relationship with the circadian rhythm. 

To aid social welfare

  • Providing expert knowledge, resources, and trainers to Governmental and Non-Governmental Bodies, Shammi’s Yogalaya is uniquely situated to create a chain reaction in wellness, public health, education, skill development, and working with disabilities.

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