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Shammi’s Yogalaya Coaches help you achieve your health and wellness goals faster through customized wellness regimes and more. Choose the coach you want to work with.

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Location: Mumbai

Priya Gupta


Priya’s yogic journey is an inspiration to many. Being on Hypothyroid medication from last 16 years, Priya had started attracting many health issues, triggered by her existing Thyroid. The well curated yogic journey in last 8-9 years was so fulfilling that she is off medication from last five years and that is in consultation with doctor. 


Priya’s teaching experience goes back to Kolkata wherein, she had been working under doctor’s supervision on different medical issues with their patients.  Seven years back, she moved to Mumbai and after that there was no looking back. She kept updating herself with her practice and yogic education and has been working extensively on wide range of cases, bringing Therapeutic Yogic Bliss in many lives from Back Pain to Knee Pain to Depression to even Complicated Pregnancy. The list is endless. Her credentials include:


●      Medical Certification in Yoga from World Yoga Society, Kolkata

●      200 hours Yoga Teachers Training Program from Yoga Alliance, USA

●      75 hours Prenatal Postnatal Teachers Training Certification from Shammi’s Yogalaya in association with            Doctors from  Jaslok Hospital

●      She is also a National Level Yoga Referee

Location: Mumbai

Sejal More


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Being the youngest teachers at Shammi’s Yogalaya, Sejal not only brings the youthfulness into her teaching with her amazing postural flow but is also well experienced in handling therapy cases especially back pain, knee pain etc. 


She has been associated with Shammi's Yogalaya for the past 5 years where she gained hands-on experience with therapy and different kinds of teaching while assisting Shammi Gupta directly in different sessions. Currently, she has individual students from various time zones with specific needs for whom she creates programs suitable for their specific needs with care and expertise. Her credentials include:


  • 200 hours Yoga Alliance Certification. 

Location: Pune

Priti Saha



As much as you can see her doing fearless stunts with the kids to get the best out of them, you can equally witness her stability and heightened awareness in handling therapy cases as well as easing the mental and physical discomfort of senior citizens. She prepares the young talents for national competition, is invited as a judge for National Competitions across India, brings Yogic Bliss into 

Corporate Living and much more. She is also associated with Jnana Prabodhani Navnagar Vidyalaya, Pune as a Yoga Facilitator. Her credentials include:


  • She has completed her 200 hours TTC from Yoga Alliance (an International Certification Body, USA).

  • She is YCB Levels certified with Ministry of Ayush, Government of India.

  • She has done Medical Therapy Yoga Teacher Training Diploma from Pune  District Yoga and Fitness Institute and Yoga Peace Sansthan, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

  • she has completed the National Yoga Refree Course and associated with different Yoga Federation Of India For Yoga Competition

  • As a National Yoga Referee, she also performs the duty of judging different yoga competition at National Level in different parts of India. In fact, she has also participated in many such National Competitions and has earned many medals to her name.

  • Under her training as a yoha coach,her students have won many medals and trophies at National level.

Location: Mumbai

Prity Daya


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As one of the senior teachers at Shammi’s Yogalaya, not only has Prity evolved with rich yogic experiences by meeting specific demands of her clients but has also come up as an inspiration to many by working on her own medical issues – The Yogic Way. Yes! She is a real life example of living a yogic life. She transfers the same conviction into her clients to bring them a wholesome yogic experience. Her clients really admire her for her patience and softness on the job. Her credentials include:

Master’s Degree in Yoga Shastra

●      Certified in Yoga Therapy Management and Naturopathy

●      Certified in Prenatal Postnatal Yoga 

●      Advance Diploma in Yoga, Diploma in Yoga

●      National Yoga Referee

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sanjana Kothari


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Even though Sanjana has spent years in Corporate life, she always had a natural inclination towards getting deeper understanding of the subject. It was this passion towards the subject that she had been an avid practitioner for years until almost five years back, when she decided to dip into the subject and start living around it whole heartedly. 


Sanjana operates Shammi’s Yogalaya Abu Dhabi Branch and has a rich experience of working with expats from different parts of the world including India, Emirati (UAE), Pakistan, Afghanistan, France, Iraq, Philippines, Russia, Uzbekistan, Egypt, and Lebanon. She has worked extensively on various cases with successful results. Patience and empathy being her virtues she helps AUTISTIC ChildrenA to explore and enjoy yoga. Her credentials include:


●      200 hours Yoga Alliance Teachers Training Certification

●      75 hours Pre-natal and post-natal Certification

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