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A 21 day weight management program for cleansing the body of disease attracting fat.

Commencing from January 4th, 2024

INR 15000 / USD 250

+ GST (18%)

Fat2Fit is a 21-day program that practices cleansing and physical movement for weight management. The program is geared towards spiking your energy, vitality, metabolic processes, productivity, and even mood. Approaching from a nutritional and yogic perspective, the program aims to boost pranic energy by cleansing the body of disease-attracting fat.

The Program



Program Approach

  • The program begins with your current body fat composition assessment , your current fitness level, diet, and quality of sleep. This allows the program to be catered to your personalized needs and serves as a benchmark for your progress through the program in a linear manner.

  • The program has a sharp focus on physical practice with asanas, pranayama, and cleansing

  • The program helps access inner potential for a healthier state of the mind and body through self-love and self-submission

  • Consistency of effort is a huge focus in the program, as specific cardio, strength, and flexibility practises are repeated day in and day out.


Program Benefits

  • Noticeable and sustainable fat-loss, weight-loss, and inch-loss

  • Better management of conditions such as diabetes, thyroid problems, PCOS, and hormonal imbalance

  • A well-researched nutritional plan that is easy to follow at home, created by an expert. This is  accompanied by a list of restricted food items that are harmful to one's wellbeing and overall health

  • Access to your body’s healthiest potential and state of being

  • Kickstarting a habit of regular health-maintenance through nutrition and exercise


Not recommended for

  • People with joint problems or arthritis

  • Heart patients

  • Pregnant people



Date: 4th January, 2024


Time: 5:30-6:30 AM and 7PM -8PM IST, from Monday-Friday.

Format: Online/Offline /Recordings available on request

Price: INR 15000 / USD 250+ GST (18%)


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