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Sign up for these flagship lifestyle management courses individually crafted by Shammi Gupta. Each program focuses on mind-body-soul alignment through yoga and allied therapies, while also addressing a wide range of lifestyle generated challenges with expert knowledge and wisdom.

Fat to Fit 

A 75-hour Teacher Training Course focusing on handling health both during and post pregnancy through yoga and medicine.


200 hr Yoga TTC

A foundational teacher training course that kickstarts world-class careers in yoga instruction.


Sculpted You

A beginner’s teacher training course that acts as an introduction to yogic philosophy, theory, and practise.

Understand your own mind and body with the help of a dedicated Shammi’s Yogalaya Coach. Get personal attention to your health and fitness goals from an expert in yoga and allied therapies, to create health regimes that make you the best version of yourself.



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Under the mentorship of Shammi Gupta, our expert yoga coaches exude positivity and warmth. They are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skills to transform lives through yoga. Choose among coaches from various cities to book an individual, group, or corporate session.


Shammi's Yogalaya

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Being able to transform people’s lives for the better is our biggest motivation. Read about our clients’ experience directly from them to better understand the incredible difference Shammi’s Yogalaya has made.



Yoga has been my saving grace. After years of back problem yoga has provided me relief and after several months I could notice a significant improvement.

I cannot say enough about the skilled Yogacharya, Shammi ji and her abundant knowledge of the practice. She is compassionate and very patient. Making accommodations for me.

Yoga has brought me physical health, but more importantly peace and an over all feeling of well being.
Thank you Shammi ji for your teaching. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. Me and my back will forever be grateful to you.

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(Indian Politician)

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About Us

Every person involved with Shammi’s Yogalaya is aligned with our philosophy and works actively towards manifesting it. Know more about our powerful driving principles that shape what we hope to achieve in the long term.




We are anchored to a holistic perspective towards health and wellness. We believe the mind, body, and spirit are connected and the foremost purpose in life is to find harmony between the three, which in turn will bring us happiness.

While physical fitness is important, we believe that it is merely the first step towards a happy and fulfilled life. So, while we work with various stakeholders to motivate daily fitness or work specifically to address health problems, our ultimate goal is understanding and adopting holistic health practices and self-awareness as a way of life.

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