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Being able to transform people’s lives for the better is our biggest motivation. Read about our clients’ experience directly from them to better understand the incredible difference Shammi’s Yogalaya has made.

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Yoga has been my saving grace. After years of back problem yoga has provided me relief and after several months I could notice a significant improvement.

I cannot say enough about the skilled Yogacharya, Shammi ji and her abundant knowledge of the practice. She is compassionate and very patient. Making accommodations for me.

Yoga has brought me physical health, but more importantly peace and an over all feeling of well being.

Thank you Shammi ji for your teaching. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. Me and my back will forever be grateful to you.



I would like to say a few words about Shammi my yoga guru. I have known her for a good one decade now and have been practising yoga.

I have seen the efforts she puts in to bring out the best amongst her students including me and always greatful for that. She is dedicated and always brings positive vibe and energy while teaching this great art of yoga.

Thank you Shammi for accepting me as your student

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(Chairman & Managing Director MEP Infra Developers Ltd.)


I started prenatal yoga from my 4th month. So naturally from no activity for 3 months to doing these yoga techniques was really overwhelming for me at first. As we proceeded I realised it helped me  be more peaceful and trust my body more! Shammi ma’am is so insightful in so many areas of pregnancy.


Her classes are amazing, from physical, mental and emotional point of views. She helped me enjoy my belly more.


(Fashion Designer)

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